Fashion + Compassion

We brand our products with a variety of original logos…

…each of which represents a real cause.

Climate Change
Children’s Cancer
Sea Turtles

Wear your heart on your sleeve.

Quantum Rush donates $1 to charity…

…for every $5 we earn in product sales.

Styles designed to make you smile.

Quantum Rush is a mission-driven enterprise.

the first step is to care

The desire to change the world is a common aspiration. As children, some of our earliest career choices may have been to become a fireman, a veterinarian, a police woman, or a doctor. These youthful dreams are bred from a longing to help others.

keep hope

But we age. We take on responsibilities. We gradually compromise with our dreams. Along the way many stop believing that they can make a difference. Keeping afloat of debts and costs of living is demanding enough. But to do something that can actually impact a world of seven billion people? Simply out of reach, most would think.


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi are often remembered as cultural giants who single-handedly altered the fabric of society. But each was just a man. Their successes truly lie in their ability to unite hundreds of thousands of people to believe in a common goal.

you are one of seven billion

Quantum physics researches the smallest particles known to man. Particles smaller than the protons and neutrons in an atom. Particles that you can’t even see under a microscope. If someone looked at the entire Earth under a microscope, could they see you?

there is strength in numbers

As small as they are, these quantum particles are responsible for matter and motion as we know it. Without them the universe would be entirely unrecognizable. Without them the universe may not even exist at all. Negligible while alone, these particles are tremendously important in numbers.

you matter

And you matter through the decisions you make. What you decide to lend your voice to. When you decide to remain silent. What you decide to spend your money on. When you decide not to act. You matter.


The first step is to care about something. If apathy is a disease, then hope is a remedy. Hope in a better future, but participate in a movement to manifest that future. You are one in seven billion, but unified with many others you can change the world.

Quantum Rush is a movement of unity, and it needs you

The causes below are hand-picked and ready for your support. Quantum Rush is fostering a movement of caring consumers who advocate causes by wearing their hearts on their sleeves. What you wear speaks to who you are. It speaks to what matters to you. Show the world that you stand for something. Show the world what you stand for.